Madsis developed several SW modules

Empowering the engineers


2D Module

The 2D CAD module allows to load dxf or Gerber files and to visualize, measure, modify the shapes. Complex random shapes as well as regular shapes (circles, triangles and rectangles) can be shown and exported to an xml file. Watch the video on the right hand side in order to have a glimpse of the functionalities and speed. This module can be purchased as standalone application or being integrated in a C# / C++ parent applciation.


3D Module

The 3D CAD module allows to load step, stl ... files and visualize them. Light and Materials can be adapted / modified. This module can be purchased as standalone application or being integrated in a C# / C++ parent applciation.


Almost all innovations in engineering are, at a moment of time, dependent on CAD systems. When building new functionalities, new software packages containing CAD features, a good understanding of both, the mechanical and software engineering is a big advantage. In order to get the most out of digital CAD technologies it’s important to have realistic goals, a well-defined roadmap – and a knowledgeable innovation partner with experience in your domain. We at Madsis are the right choice for you.

CAD Examples


Engineering tools

Madsis developed multiple engineering tools with an intuitive user interface, allowing the engineers to work in a more efficient and less time consuming manner. A non-exhaustive list:

  • Automatic Periodic Boundary creator for Reference Unit cells in meso to macro homogenization (export to Abaqus, Siemens NX)
  • Lattice structure creator starting from an CAD object
  • Automatic creation of a Mode I/II model for export into a CAE engineering software (Abaqus)
  • Cohesive elements wrapper
  • CT scan porosity converter to export into a stl model / abaqus input file ; ...


Time optimization

For engineers it is very important to not waste time in operations that could be automated or at least have user friendly software enhancing their productivity. Madsis has great experience in both, creating user friendly software packages, as well as creating automation in the modules, in order to have the engineers focusing on the actual problems. Some examples are: Mode I/II software modules for CAE engineers in which the models are created automatically (see image on the left); periodic boundary definitions and applying material orientations on woven representative unit cells automatically (used by Siemens NX during the development of their module)

; ...


The Madsis engineering software modules were build in different technologies. Therefore we can support our customers in different programming languages in order to focus on the functionalities.

Engineering Examples


Technology in Health

One cannot imagine a world without technology in health business anymore. All MD use the top technologies in order to be better, to perform better as a doctor. Madsis helps developing technologies in order to lower the "engineering" work of a medical doctor and therefore lower the cost for the customers / patients. Our experience in image manipulations and 3D rendering allows us to be a partner of choice for software development in the health sector.



The MADSIM CT Tool allows to analyse CT scans and create 3D models from the original CT images, void analyses, generation of 3D stl models, measurements...